Finally! Soon ATS 2019 will be available!
Soon D6Team will proudly announce the world premiere of Advanced Tram Simulator at London's ECTS 2019!  
   Merry X-mas!
D6Team wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)  
   ATS in kindergarten?
In one kindergarten in Poznań/Poland since this year children are learning through the projects "how the things work". This time started the project "tram (streetcar)" and Advanced Tram Simulator will be used to presentation of how is it to drive the tram. Good luck! :)
   April Fools' Day ;)
OK, we indulged ourselves with 1st of April ;), however do not forget that in our secret laboratories ATS still improves, no matter whether will it be Advanced Tram, or Transport Simulator - we develop it further.
   Happy Easter!
Happy Easter from D6Team!
   Merry X-mas!
D6Team wish You Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)  
   server again...
Again, we were forced to move fast this and that on our servers, so unfortunately still in next days will be a bit mess here. Unfortunatelly also download is not available, but we hope to finish this issue soon.
   ATS 0.63b !
After longer break, we are back with new ATS version - 0.63b. This time appeared the circuit breaker (circuit goes out, when one gives too much current to engine - in other words: when You push too fast drive pedal).
Now the tram mirrors can be regulated:
  • inside cabin:
    horizontally - shift+insert/home
    vertically - shift+page up/page down
  • outside:
    horizontally - shift+del/end
We have added few minor gadgets too, like start screen with progress bar showing random pictures and time of the day, also few other tiny changes. Enjoy!
   Changes on server
In next days there can be a problems with domain because of server changes.
   ATS 0.62b !
The new version of ATS appeared - 0.62b. From the new features - romanian language was added. Working of "tram wash" button was corrected - it doesn't cause sudden breaking and doesn't work in damaged wagon. Tram driver appeared in wagons controlled by computer, and also in "passenger mode" the carried ticket is to see inside the tram. The GOP scenery was further developped, as well as new tram lines there, with numbers 22 and 27. General statistics appeared.
   ATS in Kraków
The test version of ATS Simulator NGT6 was presented during a branch tram meeting in Krakow. Articles about it You can find here and here (but in polish only).
   ATS 0.61b !
We were very busy last days while preparing simulator to conference in Krakow/Poland, so that we hadn't even time to announce the next version of ATS - 0.61b, in which appeared the tram depot with automatic gate. Scenery switching works correctly. GOP scenery is updated - on its railway can run now also multi-trolley wagons. The Slovak language version is also updated.
   ATS 0.60b !
The next version of ATS - 0.60b is here! As usual we have corected few errors and added few gadgets:
  • Console button "switch" works now with "z" key,
  • tracks were added to tram depot,
  • interior bell has other sound.
   ATS 0.59b !
We have just released the first ATS version in new year - 0.59b with few changes: the new configurator, new language versions - Italian and Slovak. We added tram stops announcements. It is working wipe windscreen once button now. Also a bit of traction net appeared in "GOP" scenery as well as tram depot in "Fictional Gdańsk".
   ATS 0.58b !
The new version ATS - 0.58b is here! Except bug-fix, we corrected this time camera movement in helicopter view [F9]. It's possible now also to move camera up/down in [F4],[F6],[F9] views with home/end keys. The limit of traction poles is incrised from 1000 to 10 000. Also the option of switching off the cars & their collisions appeared. We added new scenery - GOP (under construction), as well as test route for scenery "Fictional Gdańsk".
   ATS on cover-DVD of special edition of model making magazine MIBA
ATS was placed on DVD from 10th special edition of german magazine MIBA - MIBA-Extra "Modellbahn digital". The magazine is about railway model making. The autumn's MIBA-Extra 2009 subject is digital model making.
   New version of ATS - 0.57b
Despite the wave of heats and floods we just released the new ATS version - 0.57b! The main changes are: individual door opening works in passenger mode (F7). There are also new passengers, new higher screen resolutions. The russian language version was added, made by Anton and 105Na-1260. The number of elements of tracks and roads are increased, so that it is possible now to build larger sceneries with RAINSTED editor, made by Ra.
   New version of ATS - 0.56b
After some server problems, we are back with the new version of ATS - 0.56b. A few bugs were removed, and additional camera movement from tram driver's perspective was added, along with few minor gadgets.
   ATS Cabin of NGT6 in TVP1 !
21 of April at 10:30 AM in "Laboratorium XXI wieku" on TVP1 (Polish Public Television Program 1) it will be possible to see for a while NGT6 cabin, based on ATS software and created together with Maciek Górowski (cabin construction) and Tomek Ozon (cabin electronics). The project arised from our own resources and spare time.

It will be possible to see replay of the program on TV Polonia on friday, 24th of April, 9:30 am.
   ATS forum in russian language opened
We opened the section of ATS forum in russian language.
   New, X-mas version of ATS available - 0.55b
Along with Christmas-New Year best wishes for everybody visiting us here :), we have just released the new, X-mas version of ATS - 0.55b! Apart from few Christmas features :) we added rough-and-ready collisions with cars and also corrected scales of tram stops. The 0.55b version has one new tram route, a bit more graphic, and the real artistic repaint of 105Na tram. The tram was hand-painted with the industrial paints for boats, and really drives through the streets of Szczecin/Poland. It appeared in ATS thanks to the authors of the paint project: Wojtek Koniuszek, Jowita Żychniewicz, Jerzy Lisak, Mariusz Osmulski.
   The show of the cabine in Krakow
17th of September in Krakow/Poland, during European Week of Balanced Transport, it was possible to see the cabine from being created NGT6 simulator. In local TVP news (Polish public television) appeared also short interview with Maciek Górowski, the co-author of the project.
   New version of ATS available - 0.54b
New version of ATS - 0.54b - is available! The font mechanism was changed, what will make using of other alphabets easier, speedometer was added, and also hand car based on DR04 & DR05 construction of Hand Car Railway (, which were tested by us at Trako 2007 fairs.
   Simulator's cabine will be presented at the "Days of the Earth" event
In 18 - 19 of April the simulator's NGT6 cabin will be presented during "The Days of the Earth" event on Wolic square in Krakow/Poland at City Communication Enterprise.
   Russian translation of ATS website
Russian translation of ATS website has been set up. The translation was made by Anton, for what we are very grateful.
   News added
The "News" section was added on the site.